EV charging solutions
For parking lots and garages

Expand your customer base by attracting electric car owners and make the operation of the parking lot more efficient!

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Our specific solutions

For companies with EVs

Nowadays more and more EV drivers choose safe parking garages instead of on-street parking, also in Hungary, as it is increasingly difficult to find a parking space on the filled streets, and even parking spaces at street charging points are often taken illegally by other cars. Attract electric car drivers by installing charging points and earn extra income!

Legal regulation: Within the meaning of OTÉK Regulation, in case of stores selling daily consumer goods with a net floor area of more than 300 m2, at least two out of every 100 parking spaces must be equipped with an electric vehicle charging station by 1 January 2019!

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Comprehensive service

In addition to the installation of the EV charging system, we provide technical and IT operation. As an e-mobility service provider, we also enable end-users to have access to the charging stations and pay for their charging transactions with the Parkl application.

Parking and charging in one app

You do not need separate applications to manage the different mobility services at your car park. We allow your customers to park and charge in a convenient, user-friendly, and modern way. Thus, the opening of the barriers, the start and stop of charging, as well as the payment is contactless, with the Parkl application.

Authorized operation

We fully ensure compliance with the legislation on electromobility services in Hungary with our solution, from licensing to operational responsibilities.

Load balancing

Dynamic load balancing optimises power distribution between EV charging stations and other on-site electronic devices. In case of multiple charging points, the maximum power output is distributed according to the load.

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