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Parkl provides a comprehensive service from installation to operation, this way we relieve the burden of uncertainty and risk of hidden costs. The future is here – there’s no time to waste!

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EV charger installation

It is not easy to pick the right EV charger. We can help you choose the type of charger that fits the expectations and your location both technologically and financially. We manage each task from installation of the electric network to the set-up of protective systems.

EV charger operation

As an official EV charger operator with a MEKH license, our self-developed backend system and technical maintenance provides smooth operation of EV chargers. Chargers can be controlled remotely (start/stop charging) and tracked real-time on Parkl’s online interface.

Charging with application

By appearing on the map of Parkl app, your charger becomes available for more than 75 thousand users. Electric vehicle owners can start, track and stop their charging through the application.

Payment and invoicing solution

Drivers pay for charging based on kWh or minutes, these elements can be set by the owner of the charger. Once the user finishes charging, the exact amount is automatically deducted from the registered bank card. We can also provide users with a VAT invoice of the charging if necessary. So, your only task is to wait for the invoice settlement from us to harvest the charging revenues in each month.

Customer service

Our customer service is available on multiple platforms 24/7 both on weekdays and at weekends. In case of malfunction, we provide instant solution for electric vehicle owners.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

Our EV charging points can be installed with a Dynamic Load Management (DLM) system, which enables intelligent energy management of multiple charging stations operating simultaneously. The software-based solution optimizes the performance of the chargers in light of the consumption of the facility.

What happens if you decide to appear on the electric charger map of Parkl?

Take a look at our process, right from the beginning to the end!

Site survey

At the location of your choice, we will assess the capacity of the electricity network and expand it, if necessary.

Quotation & contracting

On the basis of the site survey, we propose you with the right fit equipment, taking specific site features into account. Once we agree on the deal, we deliver the equipment and proceed with the implementation.

Charger set-up

We design the electricity network, install protective systems and perform electric safety compliance inspection and configuration on the charger, which allows the device to send data to our system. All EV charging devices with OCPP 1.5 or 1.6 protocol can be easily integrated into Parkl's system, making it easy to interconnect even with already installed devices.


We manage the entire administrative process of official authorisation of the charger with MEKH (HUNGARIAN ENERGY AND PUBLIC UTILITY REGULATORY AUTHORITY) including data management obligations, VAT invoicing and authority control.

Operation and e-mobility service

We start the official, licensed operation of the charger, which includes technical maintenance. We also provide payment solution via Parkl app and send monthly settlement of transactions according to the chargers' traffic.

Our partners

To whom do we recommend?

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As electric mobility evolves, our parking habits will gradually change. Since parking and charging go hand in hand, we are committed to bring our partners and users together with providing the best destination charging solutions.

Companies with an e-car fleet

Companies with an e-car fleet

The spread of electric vehicles has already reached company fleets, more and more businesses decide to replace their ICE cars with electric vehicles. If your company has considered going electric, or already has an EV fleet, our solutions can help you manage the charging of these vehicles efficiently.

Office buildings

Office buildings

Be prepared for the spread of electric company car fleets and make your office building more attractive to businesses! With Parkl, EV charging of the entire office and the tenants’ EV fleet can be managed in a transparent and integrated system.

Shopping malls, department stores

Shopping malls, department stores

Mixing pleasure with business: shopping = charging. There is a high demand for electric chargers in the parking lots of supermarkets and shopping malls. Provide convenient and easy-to-use EV charging and increase the number of visitors!

Car parks

Car parks

Grow your customer base by attracting electric car owners. EV drivers are inclined to opt for safer options instead of on-street parking, provided they can even charge while parking! For the ultimate convenience, drivers can park and charge in the same application with Parkl.

Hospitality industry

Hospitality industry

Attract more guests to your hotel, restaurant, or other catering unit with EV charging. The establishment of an EV charging station allows you to take care not only of your guests with electric cars, but also of the environment.

Local authorities and public institutions

Local authorities and public institutions

Support the expansion of the national EV charging network and become an environmentally friendly, modern institution that takes care of the development of the area, also from the aspect of EV charging.


In partnership with the world's leading electric charger manufacturers, we offer our customers the best value-for-money solution.



Projects we are most proud of

During our three-year market presence, we have developed strategic partnerships and business relationships based on mutual trust with numerous key market players. Read the case studies about our key projects below for more.

Múzeum Garage

20 x 22 kW AC charging stations
4 x 90 kW DC charging stations

Győr-Szol Garages

29 x 22 kW AC charging stations
2 x 50 kW DC charging stations


20 x 22 kW AC charging stations


27 x 22 kW AC charging stations

CPI Office Buildings

26 x 22 kW AC charging stations

Bank Center

16 x 22 kW AC charging stations

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