EV charging solutions
For local authorities and public institutions

Support the expansion of the national EV charging network and join the environmentally friendly and modern towns and institutions!

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Our specific solutions

For local authorities and public institutions

Local authorities and public institutions play a major role in the development of the area and infrastructure, which also contributes to improving the well-being of the residents. The electric charging network expansion is essential for the spread of e-mobility and thus for reducing air pollution and creating greener cities. Let’s work together and foster sustainability!

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Comprehensive service

In addition to the installation of the EV charging system, we provide technical and IT operation. As an e-mobility service provider, we also enable end-users to have access to the charging stations and pay for their charging transactions with the Parkl application.

Connecting already installed chargers

All electric charging devices with OCPP 1.5 or 1.6 protocols can be seamlessly integrated into the Parkl system. This way, existing, already installed devices can also be easily plugged into our system.

Individual pricing

If you choose Parkl’s service, you can set the price of charging. Other similar providers have a fixed charging fee, that prevents you from applying a personalised pricing based on the special circumstances and individual goals. At Parkl, we only suggest a price that would be applicable, but the final decision is yours. You can even offer the charging for free, and we will arrange for official operation.

Authorized operation

We fully ensure compliance with the legislation on electromobility services in Hungary with our solution, from licensing to operational responsibilities.

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local authorities and public institutions ?


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