EV charging solutions
For companies with an e-car fleet

Manage every EV charging of the company’s EV fleet in a transparent, modern system!

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Our specific solutions

For companies with EVs

The spread of electric cars has already reached the company fleets, more and more businesses decide to replace their ICE cars with electric vehicles. Companies are also encouraged to buy an electric company car by various tax incentives, including exemption from vehicle tax, registration tax, company car tax and transfer tax.

If your company has considered purchasing and operating an electric-powered fleet, or already has one, our solutions can help you manage the charging of these vehicles efficiently.

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Comprehensive service

In addition to the installation of the EV charging system, we provide technical and IT operation. As an e-mobility service provider, we also enable end-users to have access to the charging stations and pay for their charging transactions with the Parkl application.

Parkl Fleet

With Parkl Fleet, charging and parking transactions of employees can be managed in one system. That is how we take a huge burden off your shoulders by solving all the problems coming with the settlement of transactions.

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Home charging

We offer a comprehensive solution for employees’ home charging requests, thus charging of company vehicles, including settlement will be also solved on a transparent, common platform.

Parking spot reservation

In the Parkl application, office workers can track the real time occupancy of the chargers and pre-booking of a parking space is also available with our Parkl Office solution.

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