About the app

What is PARKL?

Parkl is a parking app, with which you can easily and safely find, book and pay for parking spots. Parkl is based on sharing economy, in which a marketplace brings together parking facility owners and drivers so that drivers can rent parking spots in the short term.

How can I contact Parkl if I have any questions?

Parkl can be contacted on

Where can I download it, and what platforms does it run on?

The Parkl app can be found both on the App Store and on Google Play, as it works both on Android- and iOS-based devices.

Does it only work on smartphones? Do I need internet access for it?

Yes, you need internet access to be able to use Parkl, because your phone accesses our server on the web. The application was developed for use on iOS and Android devices, which means that devices such as smartphones and tablets which use those platforms can run it. It is not available for other platforms, unfortunately.

About off-street parking

How can I find a parking spot?

After you've downloaded the app and registered, rely on your GPS or type your destination into the search field and you'll be shown free parking facilities nearby.

How much is the minimal parking time?

There is no minimal parking time, but parking sessions shorter than 10 minutes are not billed.

What do the different icons mean in the app?

The lightning icon indicates a parking facility with electric charger.
The number on the parking spot is the hourly charge.
The icons can be black or gray. Black is the available space, while gray means that although Parkl has a parking position at a specific location, but all of them are occupied or the parking facility is closed.
The sign will show parking facilities where the instant parking service is available.

How is the owner of the parking space notified about my use of their space?

The owner of the parking facility can see all the bookings with the cars' registration numbers on Parkl's dashboard.

How can I open the gates/posts at entering the parking facilities?

Parkl installs its own hardware at the partner facilities, which allows users to open gates with a tap on their smartphone screen.

Can I freely come and go from the parking facility while my parking is in effect?

You may do so on foot. (Leaving the facility with your car will end your parking session.)

How do I know if I'm parking at the right spot?

If you receive an exact identification of your spot after opening the gate, please try to find the exact spot. In any other cases, you can park at any free spots, except the ones marked as reserved.

About payment

How much is the rental fee? When do I sign the rental agreement? How are parking sessions defined?

Rental fees are set by the owner of each individual parking facility. Different charges can be set by the day and by the hour. Rental fees and other terms and conditions are accepted at registration and at the booking of a parking spot. A parking session begins after entering a facility (ie. when the gate is opened) and ends after your car leaves the facility. It is possible to open the gate without terminating the parking session, in case it's not possible to leave the facility otherwise.

How does payment work?

Payment takes place within the application, through the digital system of OTP Bank. Personal data submitted during registration is stored and handled by Simple. All payment is cash-free and automatic.

When is the money withdrawn from my account?

Right after finishing parking.

What is the basis of billing?

Billing is based on minute-based charges. The system counts the minutes from the beginning of booking until exit through the gates.

What happens if there are insufficient funds on my account?

It's possible to finish parking, but it won't be possible to start another parking session until the missing amount is paid for from the card, or when a new card is added to your account with sufficient funds.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes. If you'd like to receive an invoice, you can set it up at payment settings.

About parking facilities

Can multiple people use a user profile?

No. One person can use one profile, but a profile can include more than one cars.

Can I use the application with an unregistered license plate?

No. Users are identified by their license plates in the system. The application can store more than one license number, but only one number can be in use at a time.

About street parking

How does street parking work?

You can use Parkl to pay for parking in any of Hungary's paying zones on the street, as easily as for anything else using the Parkl app.

To start parking on the steet, follow the simple steps below:

  1. It is important to check your car settings in Parkl app: license plate, country code, vehicle type (Settings\Cars)
  2. Navigate to the map screen and tap the On street button
  3. Check if the app has detected your position correctly. If so, choose the appropriate parking zone by tapping on the zone on the map. (Alternatively, you can search for addresses and choose the zone belonging to the address selected.)
  4. On the Parking zone profile screen, you can check the costs of parking in the selected zone with your current vehicle, the beginning and the end of the paying period and the maximum length of your parking.
  5. Tap on the button Start parking to start parking in the selected zone
  6. After successfully starting parking, the map screen is displayed with a green strip marking your active parking. The system also sends a push notification to your phone.

To stop parking:

  1. Open your active parking by tapping the green strip on the map screen or by selecting your active parking from the list under the My parkings menu.
  2. On the Ongoing street parking screen, stop your parking using the End parking button.
  3. After your parking has been succesfully stopped, the system charges your bank card and sends a receipt. You also receieve a push notification to your phone about successfully stopping your parking.

Important things to know about street parking:

  • Typically, the maximum length of a parking is limited in most of the zones. The system allows you to renew a parking reaching its maximum length automatically. You can activate the automatic renewal both when starting parking and afterwards.
  • Your parking will automatically stop when the end of the paying period is reached. You can renew your parking automatically in this case as well.
  • If you try to start parking at a time when there is no paying period in the zone, your parking request will be registered, but it will only start at the beginning of the next paying period.
  • You can end your parking for free after 1 minute.

How does automatic renewal works with street parking?

There are parking zones where the maximum time of parking is limited. This is displayed before starting your parking on the Parking zone profile screen. Your parking will automatically stop when reaching the time limit or at the end of the paying period in the zone. Your bank card will be charged and you will receive a receipt.
If you want to park your car for a longer period of time but you don't want to bother with manually restarting your parking, you should enable automatic renewal. This can be done prior to starting your parking and on the Ongoing street parking screen. If automatic renewal is enabled, the system will automatically create a new parking at the end of your expiring parking, with the same car in the same parking zone.
You can choose between in-day and overnight auto-renewal options.
In case of in-day auto-renewal, your parking will be restarted each time you reach the time limit of the zone, until you manually stop the parking, or the end of the paying period valid on that day. At the end of the paying period your parking will stop automatically.
If you choose overnight auto-renewal, your parking will be restarted each time you reach the time limit of the zone until you manually stop the parking. Warning, the parking will be restarted also at the start of the next paying period following that day.
We will send you push notifications both about expiring parkings and creating a new parking. Service fee will be billed each time a parking is renewed.

About coupons

Where can I find coupons?

  • Parkl coupons can be managed on the application’s Settings/Coupons page.
  • Under the Available coupons block you can check the validity, value and redeemability of your available coupons.

What do different icons mean regarding coupons?

The coupon can only be used for off-street parking.
The coupon can only be used for on-street parking.
The coupon can only be used for e-charging.
The coupon can be used for on-, and off-street parking and e-charging.

The coupon can be only used at the off-street parking lot(s) specified on the Coupon details page.

There are different types of coupons that can be used in Parkl’s system:

  • Invite your friends! coupon: On the Settings/Coupons page you can find your promotional code that you can share with your friends. This code means a 500 HUF coupon for the invited user that can be used for on-, or off-street parking and e-charge also, for 30 days. If your invited friend uses the coupon, we give you a 500 HUF coupon that you can use for 30 days. You get one coupon after every used promotional coupon. More information: click
  • Promotional coupon: Coupon codes published in press releases, social media posts, newsletters and on other platforms during Parkl promotions can be applied and used for certain actions and period specified in the description.


  • One coupon can only be used once.
  • After starting parking/charging the next coupon in the row will be automatically activated and will be deducted from the total amount after the parking/charging has been stopped.
  • Coupons are not transferable, so if the total amount of parking/charging does not exceed the value of the coupon, the amount to be paid will be 0 HUF, but the remaining amount of the coupon cannot be used for the next transaction.
  • Coupons can not be used for parking passes.

About possible problems

What happens if my phone's battery dies during parking or if I can’t access internet?

Try to notify Parkl with the help of the facility's personnel.

Who takes responsibility for damages?

Parking service is provided by the owner of the parking facility. Parkl only helps the two parties to find each other, so the facility owner is responsible.

What should I do if there's a problem with my parking spot?

Contact Parkl via Settings -> About -> Send email to the customer service.

In case I have any questions, whom should I contact?

Contact Parkl via Settings -> About -> Send email to the customer service.