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Mixing pleasure with business: shopping = charging. Provide convenient and easy-to-use EV charging and increase the number of visitors!

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Our specific solutions

For shopping centres and department stores

In March 2021, our survey found that there is a particularly high demand for electric car chargers in the parking lots of stores and shopping malls. A quarter of the respondents to our survey charge their cars on a weekly basis in a shopping mall or department store while shopping. After on-street charging, this is the second most popular public charging location chosen by EV drivers, therefore the existence of electric charging points greatly influences the choice of shopping centre among the electric car community.

Legal regulation: Within the meaning of OTÉK Regulation, in case of stores selling daily consumer goods with a net floor area of more than 300 m2, at least two out of every 100 parking spaces must be equipped with an electric vehicle charging station by 1 January 2019!

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Comprehensive service

In addition to the installation of the EV chargers, we also provide technical and IT operation. As an e-mobility service provider, we also enable users to have access to the charging stations and pay the charging fee with the Parkl mobile application. We collect the revenues on your chargers and reconcile it with you on a monthly basis.

Parking and charging in one app

You do not need separate applications to manage the different mobility services at your car park. We allow your customers to park and charge in a convenient, user-friendly, and modern way. Thus, the opening of the barriers, the start and stop of charging, as well as the payment is contactless, with the Parkl application.

Individual pricing

If you choose Parkl’s service, you can set the price of charging. Other similar providers have a fixed charging fee, that prevents you from applying a personalised pricing based on the special circumstances and individual goals. At Parkl, we only suggest a price that would be applicable, but the final decision is yours. You can even offer the charging for free, and we will arrange for official operation.

Managing discounts

Parkl can also handle retail promotions such as shopping or movie coupons. Thus, the electric charging service also offers excellent marketing opportunities to attract even more EV drivers to the facility.

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