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For offices

Manage all EV chargers in the office with a transparent, modern system !

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Our specific solutions

For office building operators and real estate developers

The spread of electric cars has already reached company fleets, more and more businesses decide to replace their ICE cars with electric vehicles. For this reason, office building operators should be prepared to provide their tenants with the necessary EV charging network.

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Comprehensive service

In addition to the installation of the EV charging system, we provide technical and IT operation. As an e-mobility service provider, we also enable end-users to have access to the charging stations and pay for their charging transactions with the Parkl application.

Individual settlement options

Who pays for electricity and the costs of charging? The property manager, the tenant, or the employee? In Parkl's system any case can be solved, even combined.

Load balancing

Dynamic load balancing optimises power distribution between EV charging stations and other on-site electronic devices. In case of multiple charging points, the maximum power output is distributed according to the load.

Parking spot reservation

In the Parkl application, office workers can track the real time occupancy of the chargers and pre-booking of a parking space is also available with our Parkl Office solution.

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