The city is
your garage

Introducing the application that gets rid of the hassle of downtown parking in Budapest. No more hunting for free spots, and no more parking-related delays. Just find a space and park.

City parking at the best price!

350 HUF/hour
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Parkl brings a new era
for city parking!

Park at previously inaccessible locations

Leave your vehicle in the parking facilities of hotels, office buildings, parking garages and shopping malls.

Make downtown parking reliable

You don't have to circle anymore looking for free spots. Just go straight to your spot shown on the map.

A simpler, cheaper payment system

Parkl charges by the minute, not based on half-hour blocks. Payments are made automatically with your credit card.

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Find the spot closest to your destination

You can easily find the most convenient parking spot from among the network of parking facilities available in Parkl.

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Parkl is safe

Whether you’re parking your car or renting out your space – safety first!

Only thoroughly verified and examined parking facilities can become part of Parkl's system. Each parking facility has photos in the app, so users can see what the facilities look like ahead of time as well.

Thanks to our minute-based, transparent payment methods, payment is safe and secure too.

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Only registered, identified persons can book spots in your parking facility through Parkl.


Partners wanted

The more available parking spots Parkl is connected to, the better it will be to live in Budapest. Become a Parkl partner!

Make the most of your free spaces

Parkl is sustainable

Car traffic is a serious environmental issue in Budapest. Pollution could significantly decrease if driving in the city were more efficient, without the unnecessary waiting and extra mileage associated with parking. Parkl, along with similar apps, can play a crucial role in achieving greater driving and parking efficiency.

How does Parkl work?

For a more liveable city

Up to two hundred sixty thousand cars are driven in Budapest on a daily basis. Every year there are more and more days with smog alerts. If we can shorten the time spent on unnecessary driving, we can improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the city.

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